Artist’s Statement

To be awake is to strive to have insight, to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of our world, in essence to see the truth without illusions.

Being awake and having insight is also seeing the world around us as interconnected and that we are part of nature, not separate from it. Being awake is an ongoing process, like an unfolding story. All of my work unfolds like a story because I start with a group of observations, feelings, and ideas from my interests in comparative mythology, psychology and nature, and I don’t know the end until I am finished. When I have completed a sculpture, I feel like I have integrated all of the conscious and unconscious things in my head into one, and that I have a gained a deeper understanding and more insight into life. My appreciation and concern for nature comes through in all my work, especially my concern over what we do to nature, because I believe that what we do to nature, we also do to ourselves. I try to show this interconnectedness by fusing insects, animals and humans together to literally show that our fates are tied together.